PRIVATE Venture Capital with a nordic focus

Backstage Invest is the venture capital investment arm of a Swedish Single Family Office. We focus on direct investments in entrepreneurial scale-up companies based in Sweden, but with a Nordic mandate. We are not a VC-fund, but self-made entrepreneurs investing our own money. We have done so since the 1980s. 

Are you managing a company with strong growth potential in need of capital for scale-up? We give value back to our portfolio companies not only in form of capital, but also by contributing with knowledge and contacts in areas such as business development, strategy, financing, marketing and international expansion.

We are firm believers in the power of technology, but have an open mind-set towards looking at new industries. We invest our money in proven entrepreneurs with a track record. We want to see proof of concept from growing revenues and strong traction before investing. That means, we typically do not invest in the early stage phase.

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We seek investment opportunities combining great talented people with execution capability and exceptional growth potential.

Our evaluation of investment opportunities rests on what we call the ”Six Pillars of T”.

[Team x Track-record x Traction x Timing x Tech x Trajectory]  

We only invest our own money and we invest our own time. We do not pay others to do the job. Rather, we strongly believe in the positive effect of having committed visible owners motivating management and contributing with experience as well a contact network.

We often co-invest with other private investors or VC-funds.  As most professional investors we require an exit opportunity within time. However, we sometimes make investments for the long term.


Are there recipes for being successful in this line of business?

We believe in the following ten theses:

  1. People are more important for success than the business concept itself
  2. Always negotiate with the ultimate decision maker
  3. Remember, even the most senior counterpart is human like everybody else
  4. Before you invest in a venture, think first of who will buy it from you in the future
  5. When a deal has been made, never ever wait, but push for documentation and sign
  6. When it comes to exit, never try to find the peak, divest before
  7. Never invest in weather dependant ventures
  8. Analyse thoroughly, but also follow your gut feeling
  9. Nothing has been achieved before the money is in the bank
  10. Hire people that are even more talented than you are


Unlisted investments


Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands is a leader in the field of digital entertainment, specializing in blockchain, gamification, and artificial intelligence technologies to develop and publish a broad portfolio of products. The company has a broad portfolio of world famous partner brands and also investments in other Web3 gaming companies such as The Sandbox.   


BCB Medical

BCB Medical Oy gather real-world data for medical effectiveness and treatment quality through an integrated proprietary platform. They combine, analyze and illustrate clinical data from various sources and present it in an understandable format.
Joining forces with Swedish company Health Solutions in 2021, the now revolutionize the way clinical data impacts people’s lives.


DH anticounterfeit

DH Anticounterfeit’s software platform serves global owners of intellectual property and brands in protection against counterfeit. The platform is used by teams who want to streamline, digitalize and professionalize their operations, case & project management, intelligence & data analysis, collaboration, communication & reporting of anti-counterfeiting activities.


ETN Group

ETN provides an infrastructure for digital transaction information from payments. Business unit Open Card is a collaboration with banks in implementing an infrastructure for digital receipts in the Nordic region. Business Unit Kwick makes life easier for everyone with a corporate card. 


GP Bullhound Sidecar III, IV & V

Investment firm GP Bullhound is managing a series of VC-funds  which mainly do investments in digital and technology based companies. Investments include companies such as Spotify, Slack, Klarna, Unity and Revolut, for the full list please visit their website.



Greenely is a software enabled energy company that helps its customers to optimize their electricity consumption. They offer a software solution that covers home automation, smart electric vehicle charging and smart information. Join Greenely to save energy! 


Haypp Group

The Haypp Group (NASDAQ: HAYPP.ST) is spearheading the global transformation from smoking to risk-reduced alternatives. With origins in Scandinavia, the company has leveraged its leading position, along with its category and e-commerce experience, to widen its positive impact to the USA and a range of European markets. With multiple B2C e-commerce store brands the company serves hundreds of thousands of customers. IPO Oct 2021.



Indicio makes forecasting simple. Their software suite (SaaS) offers an user-friendly interface giving access to advanced statistical methods without the demand for prior statistical knowledge. Primary fields are Time-Series Analysis, Econometrics and Cognitive Analysis. 


Innovation 360 Group

Innovation 360 Group is a developer, marketer and seller of data -driven artificial intelligence (“AI”) and innovation analytics tools to consultants, corporations and government bodies on a global scale. Since inception in 2015, the Company has developed a highly differentiated and proprietary innovation management platform that enables consultants and innovation teams to streamline the process of evaluating core competencies, defining innovation strategies and managing workflows across organizations.



Klarna is a leading Swedish fintech company. Klarna reinvented the concept of buy now and pay later in online shopping. Klarna’s offering to consumers and retailers include payments, social shopping, and personal finances. Backstage aqcuired a small position in Klarna through the divestment of SaaS-company APPRL to Klarna. 



Eaton Gate Gaming is an innovator in field of online gambling. It is the company behind Kwiff, a fast-growing sports-betting and casino app. The mission is to re-invent sportsbetting using a fully proprietary and in-house built platform and product. 


Maison Heinrich

Maison Heinrich holds the exclusive commercial rights to market and sell the spirits brand XANTÉ on the North American market. XANTÉ is one of the top selling super premium liqueurs in the Nordic market. Altia Plc (today Anora) acquired the brand from the Tilander family in 2012 (excluding the commercial rights for US/CA.)


Marshall group

In 2023 Marshall Group was created by bringing together Marshall Amplification, UK  and Stockholm-headquartered Zound Industries. Since 2010, Zound Industries has been bringing the Marshall brand to a global consumer audience through its range of headphones and wireless speakers sold in over 90 countries. Marshall Group is set to continue as a global challenger in the audio technology sector.



SAVR is a fast growing savings- and investment platform providing low fees and full transparency. On their way to become the next investment powerhouse in Europe, SAVR offers an investment platform that empowers people to save in an engaging and simple manner.  



Truecaller (NASDAQ: TRUE.ST) set out to make it possible to know who’s trying to contact you, and also tell you when not to pick up your phone. Today, hundreds of millions of app users later, Truecaller’s business concept has expanded to delivering trust in a broader sense by making communication safe and efficient.  IPO Oct. 2021.


True Global Ventures

True Global Ventures (”TGV”) is a global technology equity Venture Capital Fund with focus on Web3 technologies incorporating blockchain as competitive advantage. TGV is built by a group of serial entrepreneurs with a solid track record of investing their own money together with Limited Partners (Backstage being one of them). Portfolio companies includes Animoca Brands, The Sandbox, Chromaway among others.



Varenne invests mainly in unlisted entrepreneur-led Nordic growth companies seeking expansion capital as well as a long-term financial co-investor and equity partner in order to continue developing the portfolio companies at a fast pace.


Volumental offers a fully integrated suite of 3D scanning and data tools to optimize fit. They bring together everything needed to take the guesswork out of sizing for shoppers. The products power retail scanning, mobile scanning, personalized recommendations, and digital marketing tools.

Exits, examples



Leading self storage operator in Sweden built on the latest modern IT-infrastructure and automated processes . IPO Dec. 2019 (NASDAQ: ”24STOR”). Acquired by TIAA in 2021 by public buy-out. 



Influencer marketing SaaS platform. Acquired by Klarna in 2021.


Peter F. Heering

World famous alcoholic beverage brand. Acquired by Koninklijke De Kuyper (Holland) in 2017.


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) within sourcing optimization. Acquired by Coupa Software (NASDAQ: COUP) in 2017.

Park Lane Nightclub

The leading nightclub in Gothenburg. Management Buy-Out in 2016.


Kajskjul 8

Dinner Show Restaurant. Managment Buy-Out in 2016.

Orc Group

Software and trading systems for the financial markets. Acquired by Nordic Capital in 2012 (exit).

HD Resources

Outside Broadcasting (OB), TV-production. Acquired by Neqst in 2012.

The Xanté Company

Leading spirits brand in the Nordics. Acquired by Altia Plc in 2012.


Pioneer in Direct Market Access (DMA) for trading on stock exchanges globally. IPO 2001, acquired by Orc Software 2010 (partial exit)

Sidewalk Express

Pioneer in public Internet terminals and digital signage. Acquired by Speed Services in 2009.

Ark Travel

At the time Sweden’s largest privately owned business travel agency. IPO 1999, acquired by Carlson Wagonlit 2005 (exit).


Pioneer VC-fund in Sweden. Management Buy-Out in 2004.


Trevise Bank

Private Banking & Wealth Management. Acquired by Unibank in 1997.


Trading in IT hardware. IPO 1993, acquired by WM-Data in 1995 (exit).


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